18 June 2007

Khmer Rogue leader conquers Britain with opera

Pol Pot, former leader of the Cambodian communist junta Khmer Rogue stunned the nation a week ago with a rousing rendition of 'Nessun Dorma' on popular TV show 'Got Talent?'
Simon Cowell commented that whatever crimes he might have comitted, is not of his concern, "as long as he can sing, he stays in".
Represantatives of the House of Commons stated that 'We do prefer opera over genocide, funny enough'.

The UN commission of human rights have appealed to the BBC to have Pol Pot extradited and tried for crimes against humanity.

Pol (Paul?) Pot (Potts?) sings

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Håvard said...

Ja, du merket deg navnet du også? Hva slags foreldre kaller sønnen sin for Paul Potts?? OK, mulig fyren er født før Røde Khmer tok over i Kambodsja, men...