30 April 2007


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Man, time flies. I finished off a three week deadline run and was happy as a puppy being able to leave early from the office last monday.

Boom, I went down with the flu almost immediately. So, I spent last week sleeping, reading and sleeping some more.

Now I'm gearing up for the DVD press screening which will happen this friday and the release gig next saturday.

All this means of course that I can't attend Oslo Comix Expo, which fills my heart with sadness. I spent a lot of march travelling, so my economy is in shambles too. I couldn't travel to Oslo even if I wanted to.

Still, the DVD release is gonna be one hell of an evening, if you are in Helsinki saturday 12th of May and completely fed up with the Eurovision crapola, there is a safe haven. There will be good music, good beer, good people and one hell of a show.

Free for All DVD Release Party Flier

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Anonymous said...

det jeg var ute etter, takk