18 February 2007

Projects Feb - May 2007

I fremtiden - daily strip six days a week - I'm having way too much fun with this one.

Fakta fra Verden - sunday strip and my pride and joy.

Free for All DVD - Nazca live at Lume Mediacenter, just compiling easter eggs and extras now.

Nazca Out - CD - At the mixing stage, I go between creative glee to complete confusion at least ten times per day.

Inge N. - graphic novel, script by Tor Ærlig.

Metro - more stories in the pipeline.

Miscellaneous short stories - No names yet, but some really interesting collaborations, I promise you.

Man, I need a vacation, Paris, to be exact.

1 comment:

bror said...

Skal du til Paris? Fett!
Håper du har en deilig helg, kjære bror.
Klem til Tanja