18 July 2006

Enough whinin' bout cigs. Been one month and THREE days now and feeling much much better.
So, on to other things, like:


The Silver Mt. Zion gig was fantastic. It was worth every penny going to Glasgow to see them. We even got to chat a bit with the band earlier in the day.Intense, emotional, melodic, trippy, political and just so human you want every gig to be.

Stage banter:
Efrim: You are a fantastic audience and we would do anything for you.
Scot audience member: Cut your hair!
Scot audience member: Only kidding
Efrim: I've had nightmares where this is happening.

The same thing happened as when i saw Godspeed, I got an immediate crush on the string section. Something about cute girls in great bands. My hormones go wild.

One of those that will ruin future concerts for a while, because it set such a high standard. Up there on the all time top 5

I never really got Mogwai, every record had a mix of utterly fantastic stuff, then followed by muzaqesque plod.
They got a reputation as a great live band,so I went to see them in Tavastia, hoping I would finally see what is so mindboggling about this band. As on record, I got a mix of some really nice stuff and elevatorstuff. Left before the encore. Sorry.

Rubik opened and played a really impressive first song before turning very Radioheadish. No, I don't consider that a compliment. Got very little against Radiohead, but very much against Radiohead-inspired bands.

C'mon guys, sometimes 'strange' is better than 'pretty'.

Murder Mystery
Two guys on guitar/vox and bass, plus a drum machine. Immaculately styled with ironed shirts and hair straight from the hairdresser. Surprise, surprise, shit music.
Postpunk is the new goth. All style, no content. Go back to your PIL and Gang of Four records. Listen to them. Hey, they got lyrics.
Apparently about things. But hey, we all know that you listen to the new postpunk, the ones with the flashy shirts and the lyrics about gurlz n stuff. Don't ruin your mascara singing about stuff that matters.

Free gig in Oslo. Great stuff, an all-girl band singing about food.

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