06 June 2006

My theory

This is really simplistic, but anyway.

There's three main institutions of power in society.

Our main task here is to pit them against each others, so no one of them will gain superiority. If they do, they will eventually turn totalitarian. Every one of these authorities will want you to give up your rights for 'the common good'.

Commerce will use the argument about the mythical free market. If we give them free reign, diversity, free consumer goods and fun all the time will occur.
(If the free market really encourages diversity, how come I can't find anything in my local store not produced by Unilever, Leaf or Nestlé?)

The church will talk about dwindling morals. That if we let them take care of things, our society will be as squeaky-clean as it once was in the shiny shiny past, because people need ethical guidance provided by the authorities. Apparently rape or incest didn't happen then. Mostly because it was indecent to mention these things.
(I usually think that outrage over alternative sexualities display a lack of morals, rather than moral superiority. If grown up people fall in love, no matter what skin color, sex or age, it's their own damn business. No, I'm not talking about paedophilia or bestiality, that's not sexuality, it's rape.)

The state will as always talk about your safety. You are in danger, all the time. And only the state can provide for your security. So please stop worrying about people being apprehended in the streets for no reason. It is for your safety and comfort.
(If gestapo methods really works, how come those methods never worked for the REAL Gestapo? No matter how many people they put away, tortured or ditched in a trench somewhere, they still lost.)

Power politics. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't usually put on my old anarchy t-shirts, but I still find a lot of truth in the old slogan 'All power to no one'. Not that I think a real anarchy would work that well. My guess it would be pretty fractured and the next world war would be over a can of beans.

Anyway, to repeat, pit the three main powers in society against each others. Create a balance. That way, they will be fighting each others over control, while we reap the benefits, like infrastructure from the state, cheap goods from commerce and umm, free bibles from the church.

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